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How to use Visa On Web (VOW)

Step 1 Fill in your application form electronically

  • Create your account on VISA ON WEB
  • Log in and fill in your visa application form
  • ONE VOW APPLICATION PER APPLICANT. Note that for family members or a group, one VOW application form has to be submitted for each person.
  • The mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). All mandatory fields have to be filled in accurately.
  • Do not use a hyphen(-) to input your telephone number; this could result in an error in the system.
  • For extra help on how to answer each question on VOW, simply drag your cursor over the blue question mark buttons (?) in the electronic application form, and detailed explanation bubbles will appear on the screen.
  • In case of doubt, provide the most accurate information. You still have the possibility to adapt it manually on the day you apply at the Belgian Office, Taipei.
  • You can « save » the application at any time and work on it later by selecting it in the list of your applications.
  • When your visa application form is completed, press the button « submit your application ».

Step 2 Print out your application form

  • Once the application is submitted electronically, you receive a confirmation e-mail with the visa application form attached in PDF format.
  • Print the form.
  • Add the date and sign it. You will add it to your visa application file.

Step 3 Book your appointment online

  • Once the VOW application form has been submitted,  the “Make an appointment” button will appear at the end of the VOW page.
  • Press the button « Make an appointment » and select the date and time you wish to submit your visa application file with the Belgian Office, Taipei.
  • ONE APPLICANT PER SLOT. If you are applying as a family/group, you have to book an appointment for each person of the group. If you make only one appointment, then bring other application files of your travel group/family, the other applications will not be accepted.


  • All applicants are required to use VOW to fill in the visa application form. We cannot accept a visa application without VOW + online appointment.
  • For family members or a group, one VOW application form has to be submitted for each person, and one appointment slot has to be booked per person.