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Driving licence

The Belgian Office, Taipei (BOT) has no competence regarding driving licences. Duplicates of driving licenses or international driving licenses can only be applied for in Belgium. You can find all the necessary information about this on the following website:

Driving in Taiwan

The following information is given for indicative purposes only. Before taking any action, it is advisable to contact the Motor Vehicles Office to find out what the exact procedure is to exchange your Belgian driving license.

Whether you are a resident or not, it is in any case not allowed to drive in Taiwan with your Belgian driver's license.

The procedure to follow differs depending on the length of your stay in Taiwan.

1st case: your stay in Taiwan does not exceed 30 days:

You are only allowed to drive on the basis of your valid Belgian international driving licence.

2nd case: you are staying in Taiwan for more than 30 days:

Before your departure, contact the Taiwanese representative office in Brussels for more information regarding driving licenses. It is also useful to consult the competent local authority: Taipei City Motor vehicles Office.