Belgian Office, Taipei


You are going to study in Belgium? After submitting your visa application on Visa On Web, please bring the following documents for your appointment at the Belgian Office, Taipei:

  • Two printed and signed copy of your Visa On Web application forms 
  • 2 recent passport size photograph in color
  • Proof of payment of the visa administrative fee (please click here for explanation)
  • A passport valid for at least 12 months (15 months for recognized refugees or stateless persons) + a copy of the passport
  • A copy of your ARC if you are a foreigner residing in Taiwan.
  • medical certificate filled out by the hospital approved by the Belgian Office, Taipei stating that you are not suffering from a disease that may endanger public health. The certificate can also be submitted to any other hospital of your choice. In this case it will be subject to authentication.
  • An original certificate of registration or admittance as a regular and full study program student from a Belgian university or institution of higher education, organized, recognized or subsidized by the Belgian state; or a certificate of enrolment to a preparatory year of university studies or higher education.  This certificate must mention the conditions under which the student will obtain is final enrolment; or a certificate of your registration for an entrance exam (for specific studies e.g. civil engineering).  

Please note that : 

   - a proper certificate of registration will give you a 365 days visa 

   - an admittance letter or a registration for an admission exam will only give you a            120 days visa

  • A copy of a medical insurance proof covering the entire duration of the stay in Belgium (in French, Dutch, German or English). The student who doesn’t provide such an insurance will only get a visa valid for 120 days and will be requested to show proof of a medical insurance at the municipality where he/she is registered.
  • An authenticated criminal record if you are aged over 18.
  • If you are under 18, a parental authorization signed by both parents.
  • Questionnaire (will have to fill on site)   
  • Proof to have access to higher education (eg. copy of your last diploma/degree or End of study or Baccalaureate) (This is not applicable for exchange students).
  • In case of enrolment to the first cycle at a French speaking university or institute and higher education: the proof that you have requested or received the equivalence of your high school diploma (
  • Proof of your financial support by means of a scholarship or guarantor* that supports you. The guarantor has to prove his/her solvency by means of his/her salary slips (last 3 months), bank statements, tax declarations and others. Another way to prove your financial support is through a blocked account by your Belgian university or higher education institution. Please contact them for further information.
  • Please note that other supplementary documents might be requested.

* IMPORTANT: If the guarantor is a Belgian national or has a permanent residence permit in Belgium, he/she also has to submit:

  • a letter of guarantee (French or Dutch) which can be obtained at the guarantor’s municipality in Belgium. This document has a validity of 6 months after signature.
  • a photocopy of his/her ID or passport.
  • it is recommended to provide a certificate of the guarantor’s family composition.

If the guarantor is residing in Taiwan, he/she has also to submit:

  • a letter of guarantee (French or Dutch). This form can be downloaded or obtained from the Belgian Office, Taipei. The guarantor has to present himself at the Belgian Office, Taipei in order to sign the document or can have his/her signature legalized by a public notary recognized by the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document is valid until 6 months after the signature.
  • a photocopy of his/her ID or passport.
  • it is recommended to submit a copy of your household registration.

If the guarantor is residing in a third country, he/she has also to submit:

  • a letter of guarantee (French or Dutch) which can be downloaded or obtained from the diplomatic or consular mission of Belgium in his/her country of residence who has to certify the document. The document is valid until 6 months after the date of signature.
  • a photocopy of the guarantor’s ID or passport.